You know blogging is important.  You hear about it. all. the. time.  Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at it and have yet to see what the big deal is.  Well, rest assured it IS a big deal.  The reason you might not have seen results in the past is because you lost momentum.  It is so hard to write when you’re not even sure anyone is reading.  Sure, you see that people have clicked on your site, but as quickly as they moved off your page, you think they couldn’t have read anything.

It is possible people are clicking around and not reading.  Why is that?  Often times people are looking for something in particular.  When they don’t find what they’re looking for, they move on quickly.  A blog’s job is to get your name, expertise, and business out there.  If you have your site set up correctly, people will click when they know your site has what they need.  They’ll stick around and read more.  You have effectively caught your prospect, for a moment.

How do people find your website?  Mainly, by Googling.  According to Google, there are three processes used to return websites based on a search:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving

Without getting too technical here, let’s suffice it to say these three processes work hard to find current, new, and updated information relevant to the search an individual conducted.  This is why blogging regularly is so important.  Keeping your website active, with new content, allows Google to reward you richly by returning your site when a person searches certain words.

Getting people to your site is important, as we know, this can result in clients.  But how do you keep up with this blogging stuff?  You have so much on your plate keeping the business side of things going; just trying to think of subjects to write about and post makes your skin crawl.  We get it.  In fact, we’ve been there.  It’s hard to write when no one is paying you to do it.

We keep it up, because we know it will benefit us in the end.  We know, however, that writing isn’t for everyone.  If that’s you then having someone write for you is an added benefit!  We think of what to post next, we research, we write, and then we either post directly or send to you to post.  It’s really that simple!  And if you have a specific topic you want to address, you tell us, we write, we research, we post (or you post).  If you sign up for our social media management, we’ll even post to your social sites.

Happy Blogging!