Hi, there!  I’m Nichole, a compliance guru by day and a writer by night.  I have a strong affinity for language, structure, and consistency.  As a result, both jobs suit me nicely.  In the compliance realm, I ensure employers are compliant with federal and state laws.  This job requires conciseness and great attention to detail.

Writing, on the other hand, allows for some creative thinking while maintaining a sense of structure and organization.  I have honed my writing skills throughout the years through self-study and traditional classes.  I am well-versed in writing technical information as well as conversational pieces.

I’ve been writing for other people’s websites for 3 years now.  I keep toying with the idea of writing for a living and have finally decided this is not a terrible idea.  When you have a “not-a-terrible-idea” brewing in the back of your mind, it’s best to explore it, I say!  So here I am, offering professional writing services to small businesses.  Mostly law firms, as my law degree puts me in prime position to write for attorneys.

My unwillingness to practice law at the time means I can still communicate effectively with the non-lawyer-types.  Of course, I mean no offense to my colleagues who do practice law – I’m sure most of them would admit that transitioning from brief writing to conversational writing is a challenge.  The ability to understand the law and convey that understanding to potential clients in a non-threatening manner is critical in today’s technologically-driven business marketing plan.

That’s where I come in.  My passion is in explaining, and somewhat teaching, people new things.  Most people who are looking for an attorney don’t know what to expect.  Helping set their minds at ease by providing quality content is my dream job.

You might imagine, some of my favorite content to create is FAQ pages for attorneys’ websites.  So often attorneys hear the same questions from clients (How much is my case worth?  Should I settle?  Do I even have a case?).  Addressing common questions on a website can help the consumer and the attorney.  Even better, addressing these questions well can help build rapport before a prospect even reaches out for a consultation.

All of that said to tell you that I truly enjoy writing!  I love helping businesses find a voice that allows prospects to view them as the subject matter expert.  What do you say?  Do you need assistance in building new and relevant content regularly, I would be thrilled to help you!