Tips – Content Marketing

Now, more than ever, potential clients are consuming content before making the decision to purchase or hire.  Make it easier for them to decide on you by consistently showing up and providing value before they hire you!

marketingProspects need to know you are willing to help, that you’re not simply trying to get their money, and that you are an expert.  While static websites are suitable in some situations, they are not the most practical for businesses selling services.  A static website is beneficial for small companies that want to remain small.  If, however, you are looking to grow, then a dynamic website is for you!

Dynamic websites allow you to provide valuable content on a regular basis.  This is also a great way to start showing up in searches!  Remember, consistently showing up is crucial for the decision-maker.  It also allows you to become top-of-mind in situations where referrals may happen.

You can automate some things, like updates via email and providing general content.  There are so many tools available to help with automation.  Of course, having a list of emails to send the updates to is important as well.  So make sure you’re gathering emails by having an opt-in!

Consider batching your content creation efforts.  Through batching you’ll focus your efforts and get the hard stuff out of the way for a set period of time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Developing a plan is important!

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