Legal Professionals: Are you Benefiting from Your Website and Social Media?

We audit legal professionals’ websites regularly and cannot believe how many attorneys do not update their websites at all. Some sites are so incredibly basic; we wonder why they even bothered with it in the first place. On average, over 60% of law firm websites do not have an active presence. Why do they continue to pay an annual fee for the domain? And for some, social media does not exist. In these situations, the attorneys are not using this powerful platform as a way to gather leads, build rapport, or have an impact on their communities. If you fall into this category, you are truly missing out on a great return on investment.

Gather Leads

The Internet is the first place people go when they have a problem. Even you have most likely traded in the law library for something like Lexis Nexis or WestLaw. If you want to be found on the vast landscape that is the world wide web, you must consider regularly updating your website. Typically, someone needing your assistance will not do a search for you specifically, because they don’t even know your name. As a result, when a general search term is queried (i.e., worker compensation attorney in Jacksonville), if you have not updated your website in years, you will not magically appear in front of the user. Unless, of course, you just happen to be running an ad at the time. Aside from that, what an incredibly missed opportunity to gather leads.

Build Rapport

Using your website to build rapport with future prospects? Sounds crazy, we know! In today’s technologically focused society, you can build rapport with prospects by providing engaging content that keeps them browsing. The longer an individual stays on your site, the more confident she begins to feel about your level of expertise. If you happen to have videos or a podcast, she’ll begin to feel like she already knows you before she even calls to schedule an appointment. You can’t beat making a connection like that! Use your website and social media as a platform for networking and building relationships with future prospects.

Have an Impact on Your Community

Share your expertise with the community. No one else will deliver they way you do, so don’t be afraid to share what you know with your community through your website and social media outlets. You will be viewed as the expert and others will depend upon you as the go-to person for legal questions. This will set you up for an influx of new clients during their time of need. Who knows, maybe it will also be during your time of need, too. We know the practice of law is cyclical in some legal areas, being the expert in your community can help during those slow months.

The take-away: use your website and social media as powerful marketing tools!

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