Pages – Are FAQ Pages Necessary?

FAQ pages are an important part of any law firm’s website. We enjoy writing FAQ pages because we love helping people. Providing answers to prospective clients’ frequently asked questions in one succinct place is truly beneficial for all. Businesses with an updated FAQ page will see the following benefits:

  • Reduced number of calls focused on the same question
  • Reduced amount of time spent answering these questions during consultations
  • Reduced frustrations with having the same potential client asking the same frequently asked question – this isn’t a typo, we hear it all the time
  • Increased productivity – the ultimate benefit

On the other side of the spectrum, potential clients will hopefully gain the following:

  • Understanding of your processes
  • Understanding of your expectations
  • Awareness of your tone
  • Knowledge of the basics
  • Increased confidence in your abilities

How does a business achieve all of this with the FAQ page? That’s our focus today. And you may have noticed we’ve jump-started our 2018 goal of posting more often. Before you know it, we’ll have accomplished all our goals! We’ve never been big on New Year resolutions, so this fits in nicely.

Back to the topic at hand: if created properly, the FAQ page will help potential clients gain confidence in your ability to answer all their questions. Potential clients will appreciate your ability to understand the basic questions that are mulling around in their minds. Often times, it’s the basic questions prospects struggle asking. Why? Well, it’s human nature to think you should already have the answers to the basic questions.

Your FAQ page should help those who feel they should already know the answers comfortable enough to ask the bigger questions. It will also help them trust you enough to not make them feel bad about asking questions that are basic in their mind. Essentially, your FAQ page provides a sense of affirmation to your prospects that they are not alone in this – others have posed their questions, too.

If a prospect comes in for a consultation and asks a question you know is on your FAQ page, we recommend you assure them this is a great question and it’s one you hear all the time, answer the question, and then let them know they can review your FAQ page after the consultation in the event they cannot recall your response. This is a fantastic way of providing resources to your client without actually doing anything other than directing them to your website! Now, when they go home to evaluate you and other attorneys they’ve consulted, you are the one with the lasting impression and hopefully a signing client!

We hope this helps you see the importance of the FAQ page. Now, let’s try to strengthen your FAQ page and get the full benefit of being the ultimate resource for your clients-to-be!

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