Preparing for 2018 Content Marketing

With the focus this month being on thankfulness, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how incredibly thankful we are for our family, friends, and clients.  Now with December here, we are thinking of the New Year.  This has been an incredible journey.  Now, we begin preparing for 2018.

Are you thinking of what you can do to improve upon your 2018 content marketing efforts?  We sure have been!   One of the first things we suggested when we began our blog was posting weekly was ideal.  We have not done that this year, because, well, like you, we’ve been running a business!

For 2018, we are considering posting more than once a month.  Maybe not weekly, yet, but we’ll definitely work on putting more content out there for our own sake.  We do want to grow our business, too, after all.

We are going to launch a Facebook account, LinkedIn, and maybe Twitter, too.  There are so many options out there.  We’re excited to find out what works best for us.  The use of social media in marketing is extremely beneficial.

Some of the benefits we know our clients have seen include gaining insight from followers, networking, and converting leads.  Let’s take a look at these three benefits in turn:

1. Gaining Insight from Followers

Hearing from those who follow your social media is an invaluable resource.  It’s a step in the direction of research via survey, without ever letting followers know you’re running a survey. This approach can help you gather those all-important keywords that people might search.  Allowing you to improve your search ranking results.

2. Networking

Some find this to be the most dreaded aspect of business – networking.  Being able to accomplish this through social media is a welcomed change.  You can build a network with local community, national thought leaders, and potential clients.  With this aspect of networking on your side, everyone can feel comfortable to jump right in!

3. Converting Leads

The ultimate reward for all your efforts.  While you have been relentlessly providing information to all your followers, you have been converting leads.  You were building rapport and a brand all at once!  A job well done!

So, what have you been dreaming up for 2018?


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