Keywords, Search Terms, SEO. . . Oh My!

Have you ever been on a site where, when reading it, you knew the writer was “stuffing” keywords into the content?  “Keywords” and “search terms” are used synonymously here.  These are the words or terms individuals use in a search engine to find resources.  The relevant results are found by the search engine and displayed to the individual conducting the search.  This is why keywords are important.  You want your site to be found by the search engine and provided to the prospective client as a relevant source of information.

Some writers go a little overboard in thinking if they throw the words into the content everywhere, they will be better found by search engines.  While there is possibility with this approach, there are significant issues.  For instance, when a person reads content where they expected to receive sage advice or information from an expert, and they find a bunch of, well,  stuffing this negatively effects the writer’s credibility.  As a result, one must use keywords wisely.

What does it mean to use keywords wisely?  We’re glad you asked!  Words have weight, so you don’t want to throw them around.  Instead, use them to attract; and let’s not make it obvious we’re just trying to be found by search engines.

It’s important to use keywords naturally within the text, otherwise they are distracting and could potentially help you lose prospects.  Something, we believe, every business owner wants to avoid.  So create a stunning, eye-capturing title and write about what you know – the keywords should come naturally.

What is all the buzz about SEO?  SEO (search engine optimization) is the process used to improve search engine ranking.  This is the connection to keywords and search terms and why individuals focus on those elements.  In order to effectively improve search engine ranking, a business must know what their target audience is searching.  Research, of course, plays a part in this.  Can you think of anything else that would help?

Can what you hear on a day-to-day basis help?  Yes!  Meaning, if you hear the same questions from different potential clients, then you should write about those topics!  Chances are, this is exactly what they searched for on the internet before even calling your office.  This approach lends itself to naturally including keywords and therefore utilizing search engine optimization.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to use keywords and you have provided value to future clients by way of information, you are well on your way to improving your search engine ranking!



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