Photos for Posts

Many websites are drab and have practically nothing visually appealing.  There may be a picture of the cityscape on their homepage; however, if they blog, they may not provide any photographs for each blog.  It truly is a shame, this is an inexpensive and quick way to add some aesthetics to your website, your newsletter, or your guest post.  We think pictures are a must for each individual blog.

There are many resources available for you to add photos to your site.  If you have skills with photography, you could provide your own photos.  We don’t specialize in this area, so we pay for the service.  We have been very pleased with the vast selection and ease of use from our service provider.  As a result, we’ll link to them, but please understand we get commissions for purchases made through these links.  We use 123RF for our photo content.

We honestly couldn’t imagine providing content without a picture and think of it as a necessity.  Although, we have had some clients request that we not provide pictures for their content.  We will honor this.  But we hope you will consider adding a few pics to your site.

The thought behind having a picture for each post is more than the aesthetics.  We feel a picture can help engage future clients and clue them into the written content’s purpose.  We want people to want to read the content, even if it’s on a hard topic.

We hope you have fun browsing pictures that will help improve the conversation!

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