4 Things to Include in Your Newsletter

Last month we discussed how a newsletter can be used to raise awareness, build partnerships, reiterate your expertise, and ensure everyone knows how to contact you.  So, how do you pull all of that off?  Here are 4 things to include in your newsletter for effectiveness.

1.  Provide Value with Tutorials or How-Tos

Everyone loves a tutorial.  In fact, the majority of our posts tend to be instructional, now that we think about it.  Maybe we just love tutorials.  Either way, providing information in the form of instruction provides value to the reader.  So, include it!

2.  Include Interviews

These could be interviews of people within your company or people in your industry.  You could highlight people in the community who have had an impact that you know your readers care about.  People love read about how other people live their lives, how they found success, or what their passions are.  This is engaging content.

3.  Announce Events

If your business is having a promotional event upcoming, write about it.  Let your readers know what’s going on with your business.  Inform them of how they can benefit from becoming involved.  Be careful not to have too much of a sales tone with a promotional announcement.  Keep it lighthearted and informative in tone.

4.  Include an Article of a Guest Writer

Find industry leaders or experts willing to write an article for your newsletter.  Be sure to indicate your willingness to highlight their company.  This is how you build strong relationships with other industry leaders.  You could also find an expert from a different industry, but one that compliments your business.  There should be a connection here.  This is networking and marketing at it’s finest!

Including these 4 items in your newsletter is bound to make it a success.  Once you’ve accomplished this, the visual aspect is the only thing left.  Remember, make it aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Happy writing!

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