Consider a Newsletter

Have you been thinking of jumping to a newsletter?  Hopefully no replacing your blog with a newsletter, but adding a newsletter to the mix?  We think this is a great idea!  A quarterly newsletter, even a semi-annual newsletter, can have a huge impact on your community.

A newsletter can cover a lot of information in one neat little package.  It’s a way of engaging your community of readers and even reaching out to those who are not yet within your readership. You can use a newsletter for a number of reasons, including marketing.

Newsletters serve the community and your business by:

  • Raising awareness of important issues
  • Building strong partnerships
  • Reiterating your expertise
  • Ensuring your readers know how to contact you

Of course, a little more work goes into a newsletter than a blog.  This is why we typically recommend a quarterly or semi-annual newsletter.  You want your newsletter to be effective and professional.  As a result, the articles tend to be longer and more in-depth.  A good bit of time is spent on the look of the newsletter even – ensuring the graphics are properly placed and the paragraphs are clean.  This should not include slipshod writing or cheap graphics.  You are building on your brand, after all.

Those are some of the basics of a newsletter.  Next month, we’ll talk about what topics you should include in your newsletter.


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