3 Topics a Business Should Post

In our last post, we discussed the type of topics a business should write about.  We focused more on the business side of things than the personal, although a few personal add-ins are perfectly fine.  These are used to humanize you and when combined with business content, you are building your brand for your business, along with building rapport with your readers.

Let’s delve right into 3 topics your business should write about and post!

1. Write about something informational, educational, or thought-provoking that relates to your business.

Our goal with writing at Trahan Content is primarily to provide information.  We like to educate others on how we have been successful.  We’ve found this opens the door for us to help others in ways that we love to help.  It also brings in business for us.  Our readers benefit as well.  It’s a win-win.  “Improving the conversation” is what we love to do.  Our passion is intellectual stimulation.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a lively conversation with people sharing ideas and thoughts.

2.  Write about current news topics that impact your readers or your business.

Current news is always relevant, especially if you know it will impact your readers or your business.  This helps your readers see either how you react to hot topics or how you analyze hot topics.  This will help build rapport and, hopefully, show your humanity.  Be wary not to push buttons, though.  If you hit the wrong chord with your newsworthy article, you may end up in reputation-recovery mode.

3.  Write about new laws, regulations, or ordinances that affect you, your readers, and your business.

Show your readers that not only are you the expert, but you are up-to-date with how things are changing in the legal landscape.  You can set aside fears for your readership or just inform them of changes that may have an impact in the future.  This confirms that you are active in the business, as well, and boosts your credibility.

So, let’s write and improve the conversation!




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