What Topics Should I Write About?

There are certainly different schools of thought on what a business should write about in their blogs, white papers, news articles, etc.  We camp on the side of write about what you know.  This is crucial because you are showing prospects that you’re the expert in the field.  If they have a question, they should come to you.  This is the quintessential marketing approach, after all.  And writing is a marketing tool.  Use it wisely!

Your goal is to build a brand, showoff your expertise, and become a thought leader and influencer.  Yours could be the site your colleagues, people in your line of business, go to for information.  This will ultimately boost your credibility!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Or does it?  Sure, when it drives in the paying clients!  Now that the prospects know you’re the expert, they begin to read in order to get to know you.  You’re building rapport without the small talk!  It’s amazing!  Your prospects will book appointments and when they come in to see you, they’ll feel as though they already know you.  This is how powerful using writing as a marketing tool can be.

What do we mean then to write about what you know?  Your posts should be mostly related to the work you do.  It is, however, ok to mention the family every know and then.  This allows the reader to get to know you.  Just remember, the primary purpose is to show your business acumen.  So, write about your business, the services you perform on a daily basis, how you got into the business, and what you love about it.

Feel free to add a little sales pitch at the end, or even in the middle, but don’t let the entire post be a sales pitch.  People generally understand you’re marketing without hounding them.  For instance, we really enjoy writing and would love to help you make writing work for you as a marketing tool.  If you’re interested, send us a note through the “Contact Us” page or call us and we can chat!

Otherwise, please browse the site for some great information to get started on your own.  You can do this!  Our aim is to show you we are the experts at writing and we can help with the free information on our site.

The point is, this is a simple way to remind readers that you can provide free information on your expertise because you have so much more to offer. You do not fear the information you give away will take away from the value you add to the needs of your soon-to-be clients.  It’s a display of confidence.

Please, write to your heart’s content on the things you know!

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