Hiring Someone for Content Management

When do you know it’s the right time to hire someone to manage your content?  It makes sense to hire someone to manage your content when you feel you need help.  If you’re managing your content, seeing results, and not feeling burned out, then keep up the good work!

If, however, every time you think of writing another post, newsletter, or other content marketing tool, you break out in hives. . . it might be time to hire someone.  We know writing is hard.  It’s ok that you feel this way.

We know you’re hesitant, we’ve heard the stories.  Some are horror stories, others are laughable.  We understand this is your reputation on the line and sometimes you feel leaving everything the status quo is better than hiring someone with a mind of her own to write for you.  We get it.

We hope, however, that you see the status quo is just an average business.  Whereas an active website could potentially increase your business dramatically.  How does that happen?  It happens because, believe it or not, you build a rapport with your readers.  If your readers enjoy your site, they’ll continue to read, then they’ll call to schedule a meeting.  When they meet with you, they feel they already know you.  All that’s left is “closing the sale.”

You should be comfortable with the person you hire to write for you.  The individual should listen to what you want and you should see this evidenced in her writing.  She should welcome feedback, constructive criticism, and be willing to keep at it until she gets the voice right.

The take away:  if you can’t keep up with your content management and you want to build rapport with future prospects through content marketing, you’re ready to hire someone to help!  And who knows, maybe this will free up some time for you to focus on the next thing, videos or podcasting?

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