How Often should I Blog?

We hear it all the time:  How often should I blog for my business?  In our previous post, we wrote about how Google finds your website when someone searches a particular topic.  If you’ll recall, Google looks for new and relevant content when returning websites.  This is why blogging is important.  It keeps your site active, new, and relevant.  Future prospects will find you!

Again, you have to blog to get the reward.  So is there a magic number of blogs or a formula you should follow to ensure success?  Of course, we would say blogging daily is ideal, right?  But let’s be practical.  Daily blogging is hard and really it seems like this is fitting for people who have too much time on their hands.  This isn’t you, most likely.  In fact, we’re fairly certain it’s not, otherwise you wouldn’t be researching for someone to take over your blog.

Realistically, if your site is updated once a month, you’ll fair better than if you post once every three months.  However, if you post weekly, you’ll likely see better results.  Keeping up the momentum to post regularly is typically the issue.  It’s a part of marketing that is cumbersome and time consuming.  Yet, it can truly increase your business prospects, ultimately resulting in business growth.

We know you’re busy and tending to your business.  Partner with us to help with the marketing by providing professional, well-researched content for your blog.  If you find we work well together, let’s explore some of the other services we offer – newsletters, email campaigns, social media management.

Think of us as your back-office marketing management partners.

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